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30 min-$35   60 min-$55   90 min-$75 (for Intuitive and Reflexology Massage only)


Each Massage is tailored to your needs this is why I prefer Intuitive Massage. The massage modalities and therapies below are what I will be using in each session based on what you desire and need. Read a little about each therapy then call me to book your appointment. You may also want to check out my Treatments and Wellness Packages for the full WellBody experience.


*some massage treatments or therapies have additional fees.

Intuitive Massage

(physical & emotional release, treats dis-ease)


Integrative Massage is the application of specific treatment protocols targeting the specific problem(s) each client presents with. It is the practical application of numerous hands on techniques (massage modalities) to treat a clients specific area(s) of dysfunction during a massage session.

Reflexology Fusion Massage (available in 60/90 min only)
(relaxation, restores balance)
A unique therapy that is based on the principle that individual points on the feet, hands and face correspond to the bodies organs, glands and muscles groups, this provides relaxation and restores balance and function to the body.
Hot Stone Massage*
($75/75min & $95/105min)
(deep relaxation, eases muscle tension)


Smooth stones are heated and then used with ELEMIS De-Stress oil blend, the therapeutic effects of heat are used to relax muscles more deeply. The use of hot stones induces deep relaxation, reduces muscle tension and provides a unique experience many find to be tremendously calming and centering.

Body Detox*
(detox, revitalization, circulation)

Start with a dry brushing of the whole body to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Next, Elemis Cellutox active body oil, a blend of essential oils and Himalayan salt are added to the back to start the detox process. During your massage, experience the powerful synergy of essential oils and Himalayan salt in action, then enjoy a 20 min Infrared Sauna Blanket session that will boost the detox, help sweat out any stagnate cellular waste and bring back balance to your body, mind and spirit. 

Aromatherapy Healing Massage* ($75/75min & $95/105min)
(relax, refresh and revitalize)

During this massage you will experience an aromatic journey that helps heal the body, mind and spirit. Using different essential oil blends by doTERRA (Serenity, Breathe, Elevation aromatically and Balance on the feet) combined with my intuitive massage (using ELEMIS body oil blend, De-Stress or Musclease) and reflexology on your feet we will balance your chi (your unique energy) and improve your energy flow providing overall wellbeing.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage*
(deep relaxation, anti-inflammatory benefits)
Being massaged with Himalayan salt stones and a special blend of essential oils will help the body remove unwanted cellular waste and balance the positive ions with negative ions. This will help reduce inflammation, improve circulation and sleep, induce deep relaxation, re-mineralize the body and improve overall sense of well-being. (ELEMIS oil blends, De-Stress, Musclease or Cellutox will be used depending on what you need)
CBD Oil Massage*
($65/60min & $85/90min)
(eases pain, anti-inflammatory benefits)
Intuitive Massage using CBD oils from the hemp plant, essential oils, and natural pain reliever, this treatment will help ease pain from inflammation, muscle soreness, aching joints and more. Using CBD Clinic oils made in the USA. No THC and Non-Psychoactive.