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Breaks up fascia, smooths, and tones.

"When fascia is healthy, it’s flexible and free to glide over our muscles, it’s hydrated with fluid flowing freely. The blood and the nerves that are housed by the fascia can flow and deliver messages properly. Fascia is also largely responsible for making sure our joints have range of motion and we stay elongated and symmetrical. Many of the “conditions” could be the result of a slow deterioration of the condition of the fascia. It’s designed to protect us, but sometimes the “protection” comes in the form of tightening, thickening or even scarring. And since fascia is the primary sensor for pain… well, you can see where this could be a problem." -Ashley Black

The Fascia Blasting tools are a great way to conquer the pain that your fascia may be causing. Use these tools at home between massage treatments and when you travel... your body will thank you!

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Self-massage myofascial tool for massaging your tissue.

"The FasciaBlaster® was designed, engineered, and manufactured by Ashley Black and can massage fascia and muscles on almost any area of the body. The FasciaBlaster is the most versatile and our most purchased tool. The larger claws allow you to push deeper into the muscle tissue with ease. Imagine the benefits of being able to temporarily increase blood flow to each area of your body. Give yourself a skilled fascia massage on a regular basis. Added bonus, the FasciaBlaster temporarily lessens the appearance of cellulite."-Ashley Black




Easy single-handed fascia blasting.

"You can deploy all the techniques of the FasciaBlaster® in hard to reach areas such as the inner thighs, neck, and arms. The Nugget tips on the Mini 2™ which allows for smooth transitioning between FasciaBlasting and trigger point therapy."

-Ashley Black




The larger claws allow you to push deeper into the muscle tissue with ease.

"Allows for smooth transitioning between fascia blasting and trigger point therapy, including hard-to-reach areas in your traps, neck, upper back, deltoids, lower leg, and inner thighs." -Ashley Black